Get inspired by Akbar Santosa


Hello, tell us about yourself

“Hi…my name is Akbar Santosa. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Indonesia, but I live and work in the United States.”

What is self-care to you and when do you feel you need it the most?

“Self-care to me is a way to treat myself by spending money on something that I like or doing something that I like, because I work hard and I deserve it. I feel like I need self-care every day and every time to treat and take a good care of myself.”

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

“I love watching movies at night, listening to music before I go to work, and taking a hot shower after work. Hmm I also love going to music festival because it refreshing my mind.”

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote and want to share it with us?

“I learned that nobody cares about you, so treat yourself good. Make yourself a priority.”

Thank you for sharing Akbar!

Want to know more about Akbar Santosa? Follow his Instagram account at @akbarsantosa_

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