Get Inspired by Rizky Irfano

kirrHello, tell us about yourself

“Hiii I’m Rizky Irfano Aditya. I’m Indonesian and currently studying Master’s Degree in law at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. I’m 25 years old.”

What is self-care to you and when do you feel you need it the most?

“Self-care means a lot of things to me, but the point is it’s a way to make me feel content, to feel less insecure about my life and about myself. I feel I need it the most when I feel less confident about myself or feel like there is something wrong with my life. Mostly it fills with myself. Probably other people will think that self-care is to think about someone else, but for me, self-care is time for myself.”

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

“I really love doing self-care and I do a lot of things for self-care. My favorite self-care is treating myself to good food. I love salmon. Although it’s a bit pricey, if I want it I will get it. It’s a small thing but it makes me happy, and I want to do something for myself.”

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote and want to share it with us?

“Never settle for less than what you deserve!”

Thank you for sharing Rizky!

Want to know more about Rizky? Follow his Instagram account at @kyirfano

P.S. He is a food blogger, so prepare yourself before stalking his Instagram!

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