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cahyaHello, tell us about yourself

“I’m cahya and I’m from Bali. I’ve been studying overseas half of my life. Right now, I’m in Shanghai pursuing my study. I’m studying business.”

What is self-care to you and when do you feel you need it the most?

“I think self-care is about taking care of your body physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I think there is no appropriate time to know when you need it, not necessarily every day, but maintaining it on a regular basis.”

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

“Self-care ritual physically I try to exercise four times a week. Emotionally I think it’s more about being around people who empower and motivate me. Like, I choose my friends, so, If I don’t think that they’re right in my life, I will stay away from them. And that also a way to take care of my mental health. Additionally, I guess I try to think positive and do good for myself.

I’m having breakouts right now, so I’m trying to take care of my skin more, seeing what it needs and what suits me. And spiritually, every night before I go to sleep I like to thank god for the blessings and apologise for what I did wrong, and wish my family, friends, and the one who loves me the good things in life.”

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote and want to share it with us?

“Each of us must have a setback or throwback in life, especially where we feel like we’re not doing enough or we feel like this is the end and we’d like to give up. We should remember why we started. When you remember why you started, you remember the good things that you want to achieve and it empowers you back again.”

Thank you for sharing Cahya!

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