Get Inspired by Adriana Escobar

IMG_7841.jpgHello, tell us about yourself

“My name is Adriana. I’m 25. I’m a counseling psychologist. I was raised in Latin America but moved to Europe 6 years ago to pursue my studies. After graduating, one year ago, I’ve been focusing a big part of my life on improving my health and overall wellness. I’m always eager to learn more and self-care is definitely one of my favorite topics.”

What is self-care to you and when do you feel you need it the most?

“My definition of self-care is making time for myself to nourish my mind, body, and spirit. Taking some time off from all the craziness in life and doing the things I love. I believe that self-care is a constant thing, it’s a way of life. It must be practiced all the time.

Self-care is tuning into our minds and bodies and listening to what they’re saying (whether that means taking a pause or making changes). It’s eating real food. It’s looking after our health. It’s walking, our bodies were meant to move. It’s getting enough sleep. Don’t buy into more is more. REST. Stress is more toxic than any supplement that we’re taking can undo. It’s also taking some time to do the things that make us happy and make us feel well as a whole.

Once again, to me, self-care is a way of life and I try to implement this every day as much as I can.”

What is your favorite self-care ritual?

“Definitely lighting some candles and putting my favorite music on.”

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote and want to share it with us?

“We will find that life can truly be beautiful when we don’t fight life.” – Dr. Robert Puff

Thank you for sharing Adriana!

Want to know more about Adriana Escobar? Follow her Instagram account at @adriana.m.e.h

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